PO1 : Integrative Experience and Experimental Learning.

PO 2 : Social, Legal and Ethical responsibilities of Organisations and Society .

PO 3 : Effect of Global Environment on Business .

PO 4 : Strategic and Innovative Thinking and analysis Skills to enable opportunity identification, Problem solving and Decision making.

PO 5 : Effective oral, written and presentation communication skills .

PO 6 : Team participation and Leadership .

PO 7 : Professional Ethics .

PO 8 : Scanning and solution to complex problems .

PO 9 : Modern concepts and usage .

PO 10 : Project management and finance .

PO 11 : Continuous learning .


 Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)  

PEO-1: Knowledge :

Imbibe strong fundamental concepts of mathematics and science and their application in the emerging fields of Engineering among students.

PEO-2: Skills :

Develop the ability of modelling & analytical skills for problem solving and decision making to deal with latest technological challenges in industry  and Research.

PEO-3: Design Analysis :

Develop expertise in the design process of mechanical systems based on functionality, safety, standards, cost effectiveness, aesthetics and sustainability.

PEO-4: Attitude :

Inculcate ethical responsibilities and service towards peers, society and the nation.

PEO-5: Entrepreneurship :

Build on the ability to work in multi-disciplinary organisations as individuals and as team members and leaders and to have competence to start, run and grow one’s own business.



To impart the fundamentals of the key elements of a business organization. 

  1. To provide a critical perspective on theoretical knowledge and practical approach to various functional areas of management and decision making. 
  2. To develop analytical skills to identify the link between the management practices in the functional areas of an organization and business environment.
  3. To establish and realize a creative research culture among the student community. 
  4. To provide insights into latest technology, business communication, management concepts and to build team work and leadership skills among them.
  5. To inculcate the habit of inquisitiveness and creativeness aimed at self actualization and realization of ethical practices.