The Library at  Radhakrishna Institute of Technology and Engineering  is integrated knowledge resource centre comprising, a Central Library in an area of 457.73 sq meters,  with nearly sixteen thousand six hundred eighty one (16,681) books, periodicals, references, national and international journals. It has a sound collection of books, periodicals and e-resources which are well organized and classified. It is automated using Integrated Library Management System (ILMS) computerized with KOHA. It has access to more than 200 free e-journals. It also has access to Journals through e-shodh sindhu program of INFLIBNET. The library has also purchased access to DELNET under institutional membership. All e-resources are accessible locally within the campus. Library building is well laid out and maintains the right atmosphere for learning. Library buildings have provision for both individual and group studies. Adequate space is provided for browsing and relaxed reading. It subscribes magazine and newspapers and e-newspapers for general reading. Library has adequate number of terminals to facilitate searching/accessing e-resources, web browsing and for other academic work.

Initiatives taken by the College, are the following :

1. Free WI-FI, internet access, download and printout facility have been provided.

2. Reprographic facilities.

3. Organization of Book Exhibitions/Display of new books.

4. System of recommendation for purchase of books through Departments.



To enhance utilization of existing resources

To promote the learning habit

To enhance reading habits in the students and staff.

To promote the library as a vibrant learning unit.

To enrich collection of various field of academia.

To promote the use of ICT

To enhance e-Governance in the  library



All the Students, Faculty members and Supporting Staff of the Institution are eligible for membership in the Library.


Monday to Saturday: 8.00 AM to 6.00 PM

Holidays and Sunday : Not working